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Livestock insurance pricing

Getting premiums right on livestock insurance policies

Animals are not the same as other types of insured property. Their value can change throughout their life depending on reproductive status and production level and they are vulnerable to specific types of risk that their owner’s other possessions and property are not. Catlin specialist Livestock underwriter Lorraine Mills explains how premiums are set for this type of risk.

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UK Forestry insurance

Protecting the UK’s vulnerable tree species from extinction from disease

The main threat to natural woodland in the UK is disease. Our trees are susceptible to new pest and fungus invasions which could wipe out almost an entire species of tree in a fairly short time span, and there is little that scientists can do to prevent it. Catlin's Forestry specialist Underwriter, Gordon Steward, explains how scientists are fighting back.

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Catlin Annual Report 2013

2013 Annual Report & Accounts

Catlin’s 2013 Annual Report is now available to view online and to download. The report highlights what makes Catlin different from other insurers and reinsurers and how Catlin builds value for clients and shareholders.

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