Company culture

Because Catlin is a unique company, working at Catlin is a different kind of experience. Our culture, like our client service, is deeply rooted in our core values: transparency, accountability, integrity, dignity and teamwork.

Each one of these principles drives an important aspect of our culture—and taken together, they create an exceptionally rewarding working experience.

Catlin offers...

A values-driven business environment

Whatever the circumstances, and in every relationship, Integrity guides our behaviour and drives our decisions. Every Catlin team member is expected to maintain the highest ethical standards in all their dealings with people both within and external to the Company.

Small-company feel, big-company advantages

Although we’re a large organisation, with offices round the world, Transparency gives Catlin the feeling of a small company. Our open approach to internal communications keeps people “in the loop” about company affairs, and by offering a broad range of opportunities to all Catlin people, we encourage them to think and act like owners of the business.

A practice based on service excellence

One of the reasons why Catlin receives consistently high marks for client service is our emphasis on Accountability. If every Catlin person takes responsibility for providing excellent, accessible and straightforward service in all their dealings, Catlin will continue to lead the industry. Naturally, we are just as accountable for providing opportunity, support, and fair treatment to our people.

An emphasis on involvement

The value of Teamwork cuts across every aspect of Catlin culture. At all levels, we promote communication and cooperation, and we reward initiative. This approach is not only consistent with our values, it also contributes to our success. In a diverse, energetic, and entrepreneurial company, teamwork is the glue that holds everyone together.

Support for work-life balance

Work is important, but so is maintaining a healthy personal life. And combining the two can be a challenge. Because we respect the Dignity of our people, we try to make the work-life balancing act a little easier by maintaining reasonable working hours. Catlin culture is about working smart, not working late.

Diversity at Catlin

Our offices employ local people in over 40 countries, and our clients come from all over the world, so Catlin is a naturally diverse company. In addition, our fundamental values ensure that everyone is treated equally, with dignity, fairness, and respect.

Catlin’s core principles are described in detail on our  Vision and values page.