Catlin 2013 Annual Report

Catlin's 2013 Annual Report is now available to view online and for download.

Catlin Annual Report 2013

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Beneath the surface

Catlin’s 2013 Annual Report provides information about Catlin’s operations and financial performance during the past year. It also explains what makes Catlin different from other insurers and reinsurers, including the sponsorship of the Catlin Seaview Survey.

Catlin’s success in 2013 was in large part due to our employees’ desire to be the best in the business. To help our clients manage their risks, Catlin explores beneath the surface to find the most appropriate solutions. We don’t just look for the easiest or most obvious answers.

We feel the same way about our planet. The earth is changing, and that will likely affect policyholders and their insurance. Catlin could choose to do nothing but wait, but instead we sponsor research projects such as the Catlin Seaview Survey to dive beneath the surface to collect impartial scientific data. This information will help all of us make informed decisions.

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