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Catlin Livestock insurance: turkey farm insurance

Get to know your Christmas turkey

As a nation we eat millions of turkeys each Christmas, but how much do we really know about the turkey farmers who provide them and the challenges they face? Livestock Class Underwriter Lorraine Mills lifts the cloche to take a closer look.

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Pre-Launch Satellite insurance

Whoops, we dropped the satellite ... what happens now?

In the second of our satellite articles, Class Underwriter Jill Porter explains what happens if a satellite is damaged during the manufacturing process, and the insurer's role in helping to get the satellite to its final destination with minimal delay.

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Catlin sports event contingency insurance

The importance of contingency insurance for sports events

Class Underwriter and Film & Event Contingency insurance specialist, Simon Lyons, explains why insurance should be integral to the planning of a sports event and the potential risks involved.

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Catlin Energy insurance

The vital role of engineers in energy insurance

Catlin's Head of Engineering, Francis Lobo, uses the example of fracking to demonstrate the increasingly important role of experienced engineers in the energy insurance underwriting process.

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