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Catlin report on West African pirates

Dangerous Waters: A Catlin guide to kidnap and piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

In this Catlin report, Asset Protection Class Underwriter Peter Dobbs identifies some of the problems, differences and solutions that a business might face when operating in the 'Dangerous Waters' off the West Coast of Africa.

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Automotive Recall

Under the bonnet of automotive recall

Catlin Automotive Recall Underwriting specialists look behind the media to understand how the recall process works and the real impact a recall has on an automotive company.

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Livestock insurance pricing

Getting premiums right on livestock insurance policies

Animals are not the same as other types of insured property. Their value can change throughout their life depending on reproductive status and production level and they are vulnerable to specific types of risk that their owner’s other possessions and property are not. Catlin specialist Livestock underwriter Lorraine Mills explains how premiums are set for this type of risk.

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