Corporate Responsibility

Being a socially responsible company makes good business sense. Striving to achieve a balance between economic, social and environmental activity is in the long-term interests of our company and society. Our business depends on healthy, growing economies across the globe.

Both XL Group and Catlin have had a long-term commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, ranging from XL’s activities in volunteering and philanthropy through the XL Foundation to Catlin’s focus on building sustainable communities and high-profile environmental research. Both companies have invested in driving positive change socially and environmentally, and we will continue to do so as XL Catlin.




We support local projects through community involvement and charitable donations

Catlin Sustainability week


We run a programme of in-house activities and sponsorship of scientific projects

Working for Catlin


We encourage a positive, high performance culture where our people can fulfil thei...



We connect with educational establishments globally and encourage staff to volunte...