Oil rig damage

What happened?

An oil rig had suffered damage but there were major problems moving forward on the claim. The client’s risk manager had met the involved parties individually, but was at an impasse. We were not leader, but at a meeting of all the parties, our claims adjuster’s reputation and credibility enabled him to propose a solution which led to the resolution of this and two other unrelated claims.

Broker reaction

The broker was delighted because the meeting approved the proposal, and the risk manager was delighted because he went home with three solutions instead of one.

Later, the client wrote:

 I want…to personally thank both of you for your assistance, professionalism and keen decision-making during your recent visit to Houston.  


We always try to ‘think out of the box’ on behalf of brokers and clients. We understand and respect the needs of our brokers and clients, and we strive to take the initiative to exceed their expectations.